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 Burkina Faso
 Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel
 Improving Food Security and Producers’ Livelihoods
 Increasing the Profitability of Livestock Production for Improved Livelihoods
 Resilience Plus Fosters Rural Food Security
 LWR and Resilience in the Sahel (PDF)
 Kimira Oluch Irrigation Scheme Food Security Project
 Climate Adapted Farming on Elgon (CAFÉ)
 Kakuma Refugee Camp Care and Maintenance Assistance
 A Watershed Approach to Enhance Resilience (WATER)
 APOKO: Coffee Producers Working Together in Rachounyo South to Sustain their Livelihoods
 Protecting and Conserving Water for Agriculture (PDF)
 Somali Refugee Assistance in Kenya (PDF)
 Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel
 Sustainable Access to and Use of Community Services for the Prevention and Treatment of Malaria in Segou and Mopti Regions
 Enhancing the Capacity of the Shallot Sector in Dogon Country, Mali
 Strengthening the Capacity of Yèrènyèton de Tissala Through Dry Cereal Warrantage Promotion
 LWR and Resilience in the Sahel (PDF)
 Increasing Access to and Use of Malaria Control Services through Livelihoods (PDF)
 Malian Refugee Emergency Assistance (PDF)
 Community-Led Recovery in the Sahel
 Resilience Plus: Bolstering Recovery from Niger’s Food Crisis
 Emergency Response to the Food Crisis in Niger: Laying the Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
 Improved Legume Production in Guecheme Commune, Doutchi Department
 Increasing Incomes Through the Enhancement of Storable Onions
 LWR and Resilience in the Sahel (PDF)
 From Emergency Relief to Community Resilience (PDF)
 Improved Seeds for Sahelian Agricultural Growth – Peanuts
 Increasing Community Investment for Malaria Control
 Strengthening the Grape Value Chain for Increased Food Security in Dodoma Region
 Combating Vulnerability to the Cycle of Drought and Flooding Through Sustainable Natural Resource Management
 Uprooting Hunger and Insecurity with Rice and Rain Runoff
 Sustainable Enterprises for Trade Engagement (SENTE) Project
 Improving Livelihoods of Farmers Through Enhanced Participation in the Maize Value Chain
 Increasing Production and Marketing of Quality Robusta Coffee for Improved Livelihoods
 Supporting Farming as a Family Business: A Gender Equitable Approach to Improve Food Security for Smallholder Maize Farmers in Busoga, Uganda
 SMART Coffee Project (Sustainable Marketing of Arabica through Technology)
 Latin America
 Sustainable Diet Diversification in 11 Communities in the Municipality of Tacobamba, Potosí
 Strengthening Diversified Organic Coffee Production through Community Risk Management in Velasco Province, Bolivia
 Strengthening and Diversifying Production in Potosí (Final Phase), Bolivia
 Binational Cocoa Project in Peru & Colombia
 Improving Climate Change Resilience in the Sinu River Basin
 Community Management and Advocacy to Improve Access to Safe Water and Basic Sanitation
 Legal and Psychosocial Accompaniment to Victims of Armed Conflict in Bolívar and La Guajira, Colombia
 Improving the Community Water System in Tomarrazón, La Guajira, Colombia
 Strengthening Food Autonomy and Self Government in Arhuaca Communities, Colombia
 El Salvador
 Strengthening Institutional Capacity of SLS in Order to Address the Humanitarian Emergency Caused by the Deportation of Unaccompanied Minors
 Our Daily Bread 2014
 Increasing Food Access and Availability in Eastern El Salvador
 Economic Diversification in the Sierra Tecapa-Chinameca, El Salvador
 Reducing Vulnerability and Building Resilience (PDF)
 Private Alliances Improve Cocoa Farmer Livelihoods (PDF)
 Creating Alliances in Cocoa for Improved Access and Organization in Haiti
 Strengthening Artisans in Port-au-Prince, Leogane and Jacmel in Response to the 2010 Earthquake
 Building Capacity, Commercial and Organizational Production Support to Recocarno, Haiti
 Sustainable Livelihoods in Bois Bocot Model Village, Gressier, Haiti
 Strengthening the Cocoa Sector, Haiti
 Food Security Chorti Maya Indigenous Group
 Gender in Agriculture: From Policy to Practice
 Strengthening Local Advocacy Capacities in 5 Communities of Honduras
 Promoting an Inclusive Agriculture Sector in Western Honduras (PDF)
 Private Alliances Improve Cocoa Farmer Livelihoods (PDF)
 Food Aid to Families Affected by Drought in Western and Northern Nicaragua
 Improving Food Security and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Habits in Three Communities of Somoto
 Response to the Impact of Rust and the Coffee Crisis Among Families of Small Coffee Producers
 Safe Schools and an Early Warning System for the Municipalities of Jinotega and San Ramón
 Strengthening the Cocoa Value Chain in 14 Communities of the Municipality of Siuna, RAAN
 Water and Environmental Sanitation in the Villages of Yucul, San Pablo and Hornos of San Ramón, Matagalpa
 Diversification of Production and Environmental Improvement in Five Cooperative Members of SOPPEXCCA in Jinotega, Nicaragua
 Gender in Production Development and Food Security Project, Nicaragua
 Coffee and Cocoa Promote Sustainable Landscapes and Adaptation to Changing Climates (PDF)
 Private Alliances Improve Cocoa Farmer Livelihoods (PDF)
 Food Security and Improved Nutrition Among Highland Communities of Castrovirreyna
 Binational Cocoa Project in Peru & Colombia
 Improving Food Security in Huancavelica through the Sustainable Cultivation of Native Potatoes
 Pro-Cacao: Promoting the Economic and Social Inclusion of Producers in the Cocoa Value Chain in Venenillo
 Reducing Child Malnutrition in Paccha and Chadín Districts
 Gold Fields Supports Peruvian Dairy Value Chain through LWR (PDF)
 Private Alliances Improve Cocoa Farmer Livelihoods (PDF)
 Asia & the Middle East
 Women Farmers in Vegetable Value Chain
 Swasthya ebam Rojgar (SAROJ) — “Health and Livelihood” in Hindi
 Rural Women-Led Vegetable Farming
 FREEDM: Flood Resilient Environmentally Enhanced DIsaster Management
 Gender in Agriculture Project—Chakai Block, Jamui District
 Livelihood Project for Rural Women in Muzaffarpur District
 Climate Smart Agriculture through Building Resilient Food Systems
 Emergency Support to Vulnerable Children and Youth Affected by Mt. Sinabung Volcanic Eruption
 Strengthening Self Help Group in Bio'uti Village
 Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction and Mangrove Resource Management in West Sumatra, Indonesia
 Resilience to Coastal Hazards through Mangroves (PDF)
 Empowering Small-Scale Coffee Producers and Cooperatives in Gayo Region (PDF)
 Promotion of Climate Smart Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Project in Lamjung District
 Citrus Market Development Project III in Nawalparasi and Tanahu District
 Community-Led Climate Change Adaptation - COPPADES
 Community-Led Climate Change Adaptation - LWF
 Food Secure, Resilient, and Stronger Households (FRESH) in Agusan del Sur, Caraga Region, Philippines
 Sustainable Risk Reduction and Mangrove Management
 Livelihood Diversification through Cocoa Farming
 Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Response Program
 Community-based Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency in Maguindanao (CCCHARM) Project
 Reduced Vulnerability by Introducing Viable Economies
 Building the Resiliency of Coastal Communities in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
 Sri Lanka
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